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Obsession #3: Gettin’ My Groove On

March 23, 2009

Let me introduce you to two of my current heros:

This is Ely Kim.

And that is Matt.

Now I have to admit, Ely has way better moves, music, and style than Matt.
But Matt wins on location, location, location.
It’s a tie on the “awesome” scale.

If you are a friend of mine, you may be aware that I love to dance.
I am not a talented dancer, nor a trained dancer, but I am a flippin’ amazing “bad” dancer.
I have enthusiasm for dancing that is off the charts, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, it’s something I simply can’t help.

Dancing is an obsession of mine.

According to my mac dictionary widget, the definition of dance is as follows:

“to move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps.”

It’s not.

Dancing is to let go.
To let go of all fear, of all judgment from those around you, and of your anxieties about the future or the past. Those two places in time are not here, they are not now, they are not the present.

What is present in the moment of dancing is the music, your body, and the space you occupy (which may or may not inhabit other bodies).
When I am dancing it is one of the rare occasions and spaces in my life where I don’t feel the need to worry about what is to come, or what has happened. I only exist in the present and only do what my body feels is right in the moment.
If my arm feels like flinging up ward, then I hurl it up. If I feel like spinning, I spin. If I want to attempt to be semi sexy by dipping down low, then I do it. If the beat requires me to do a foot shuffle, then I shuffle my feet. If I want to do the chicken dance, then I do it damn it.
I don’t think about it, I simply respond to the music and exist.
I am.
I am.
I am dancing.
It is sexual, it’s physical, it’s emotional, it’s natural, it’s philosophical, and it’s living.

Some people feel the opposite, they feel like the are going to be judged when they dance. They are worried about how they will be perceived when they dance, and they hate the pressure. To these people I say … you are going about it all wrong.
Just Let Go. That’s what it is about. Who cares what they think. Just move to the music. Listen to your body, and don’t let your ego get to you.
Ely and Matt sure as hell know how to let go.

I cannot get enough of dancing. I cannot get enough of the dance music, of any genre. I cannot get enough of the exhilaration. I cannot get enough of the release that it is. I need it.
I truly believe that if everyone danced, with friends or in private, for 10 minetes every day … the world might be a better place.

P.S. Since my wedding is going to be the epic dance party of the century, whenever this takes place in my future … I am pretty sure I want the 100 songs Ely used in his video to be my wedding playlist. Just so you know.

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