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Movie Recommendation

June 14, 2009

I am proving to be getting older. Fact. I am nearly 26.

Really not that old if you think about it, but I already see the signs on aging on a daily basis. 

One of the signs of aging took a toll on me this very weekend. It was the realization that I cannot  recuperate from a big night out as fast as I used to. Last night I celebrated my cousin’s graduation from UCSB (congrats Andrea!) with a good old fashion night of excess and getting silly.  There were shots, beers, a drink called a “Fish Bowl” (the concoction of juices and liquor literally sat in a fish bowl full of straws, it took 4 of us to finish it) and plenty of dancing. A few years back, I would have woke up this morning, had some greasy food, and asked what was next on the list of things to do.  Not today. No sir. It now takes me an entire day and a few naps to recouperate from the damage. How slightly depressing, but only slightly. Because what it all really spelled out for me today was that it was an excuse to watch movies on the couch at my parents house. You see, they have nice big flat screens and I barely ever have access to a working television at my apartment. 

And the point of my banter? Well, during my day of R&R/nursing a hangover, I watched a movie I would like to recommend. 


Movie Poster

Movie Poster



“Death at  a Funeral”   brought to us by the wonderful and talented Frank Oz (yes, YODA! and MISS PIGGY!), who has an amazing career, I highly suggest you click on the link to his IMDB profile. I won’t ramble on and on about the film, I don’t want to give much away. But it is an EXTEMELY funny film, I laughed harder than I have in a long while, to the point of tears and snorts. The movie has  quite a fantastic ensemble of British actors as well, including the very crushable Matthew Macfayden .  Although his Mr. Darcy may never live up to Colin Firth’s Darcy (and whose ever will?), his acting in Frost/Nixon and this film has won my fullest admiration. Also there is an amazingly hilarious performance by Alan Tudyk

But I think the best part of the film is its ability to get us to laugh so hard at some really serious issues, death, family, jealousy, sexuality, and dysfunction. And in the end, I did shed a small tear, but not from laughter but from its though provoking and genuinely touching ending speech by Macfayden’s character Daniel. 

So, go rent it. You won’t be sorry.

I was going to post the trailer, but I really feel like it doesn’t begin to do the movie justice. I think that is a compliment to a film, when the trailer doesn’t live up to the movie, most of the time it is the opposite case.

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