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Stop Motion is all the Rage

June 14, 2009

I feel like in the last few weeks multiple stop motion animations have come to my attention. Stop motion isn’t new concept, we certainly can all remember Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”, or perhaps made very popular by  claymations like Wallace and Gromit, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer . But I felt like blogging about these simply because they smaller projects that are a joy to watch, and really get you to contemplate the effort and patience it requires to do stop motion, even for a very short piece. I hope you find them equally as entertaining as I do. 

This is a senoir project by a student who attended Savannah College of Art and Design (also known as SCAD) that has been floating around the internet. Odd story, I was once confused for a SCAD student at a sandwhich shop when I was passing through Savannah on a roadtrip. The gentleman told me, and I quote, “you look like one of those art student kids.”  Well, maybe I looked like one, I hadn’t showered in a few days, I was living out of a giant green motor-home, and probably wearing my large black rimmed glasses … so I can see how I could be confused for  the “artist/student” stereotype. Big difference was I certainly have never produced anything of this nature in my life, and most certainly if I did it wasn’t during my college years. I was too busy writing a 119 page thesis that no one will ever read. So kudos to the student, Bang-yao Liu , for his work. He obviously received an education and has an imagination worth showing off.

Directed by: Tomas Mankovsky 

A co-worker of mine sent this around the office a few weeks ago. In his e-mail he told us to watch the video all the way through (you know, people’s attention spans don’t last very long these days) to see how they made it.  This was really the first time it struck me how much work is put into a stop motion animation/video. Just like a traditional animation, you need to put work into every frame and small movement. It needs to be photographed and executed, motion for motion. But with traditional animation the work is done through drawing. In these videos, the work is done with people and objects, and requires a tremendous amount of patience. I seriously doubt I have the patience for this kind of work, but the pay off and result of innovative and entertaining pieces like this must be the motivation.  So, to you my dear reader, I give you the same advice my co-worker gave me. Watch the video all the way through and truly observe the making of a stop motion animation, and if anything I hope it raises your level of appreciation. 

A music video for Oren Lavie . The Song: Her Morning Elegance

This one is quite popular on YouTube. It has over 5,000,000 views. So chances are you may have already seen this. 

But once again, so fun to think about the making of a video like this. I admire the creative use of the mattress and everyday household items to create a backdrops and scenes, and combine that with the actors abilities to use simple body language to communicate the story. Very Nice.

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