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Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009






It’s shocking that he died.

At first I wasn’t really sure why. I wasn’t even sure why I felt sad.

But to a certain extent, he is the first large pop icon from my gernations childhood to pass.  Those of us born in the 80’s grew up  idolizing him, singing his songs, and dancing to him in our bedrooms. I distinctly remember choreography a dance to “Black and White” that my sister and I performed on the “stage” in our childhood suburban home. And when I say stage, I mean a area of our living room that was 1 foot higher up than the rest of the room. 

Idols like Michael (or Marylin, or JFK, or Evlis) are people who are larger than life. Everyone in the world looks toward for entertainment and to judge. We eyeball their every move, we scrutinze their decisions, and we watch their lives knowing that we will never be as big as they are. We look towards them like they are bread of a different DNA, something sort of super DNA. And through the media and our obsessive glimpses into their lives they become  almost cartoon like. They become fictional beings who don’t exist in the same realm as the rest of us. 

So, when they die, it shocks us. Because they become human, they become real, they end up in the same place that the rest of us end up in. With it all over, done, and said. To be remembered only by what we did with the short life we had. 

Michael, really was just made of the same DNA you and I were. 

I am rambling, it’s been an odd day. And my thoughts have been scattered. Let us watch a MJ video. 

Being the Disneyland that I am, I find it only appropriate to remember him with a link to Captain EO

Death is always a reminder that time waits for no one, our lives are passing us by. I should not take this all for granted.

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