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Daniel Johnston Interview from a Life Past

July 1, 2009

I am one of the periods of time in life where everything seems to be in limbo. 

You know the feeling? It could be the months, weeks, or even days before a transition itself even happens. It is something that most people don’t embrace, and in fact can create quite a bit of anxiety. And I am like most people, anxiously awaiting the next chapter of my life, and trying to grasp every last shred of my ability to focus on the present. Focusing on the present is important, because that is all I have right now. But it is hard. So much is awaiting me. Vegas. Hawaii. Prague. China?

Alas, I must deal with the now. And one of my tasks to take care is to clean up the digital memories and debris of my last two years here in Costa Mesa.  Transfer photographs to hard drives, sort through  files, sorth through old written thoughts … you know the drill.

One of the things I stumbled across yesterday as I transferred pictures from my work computer to a hard drive was a video taken from my personal canon digital camera of Daniel Johnston  from my Roadie Roadtrip with RTN.  I was beyond words meeting this man. And beyond appreciative of his, and his families, generosity for letting us interview him at his home in Waller, TX.  And the cherry on top from this expereince was hearing him play this song on the piano. Daniel Johnston, serenading us, in his living room ! After quite a few years of admiring his talent from afar. 

Something one can never forget.


If you ever have the chance, and you have not, check out the emotional and brilliantly done documentary on his life; “The Devil and Daniel Johnston“.  Here is the trailer:


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