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iTunes U!

July 1, 2009


Screen Capture

Screen Capture



I was shocked to find out about iTunes U. First off, how had I not heard of this yet? How did I miss this. I guess being 4 years out of college would contribute.  Second, are Universities really letting their the public have access to the education their students are paying for? Wow! WOW! WWWOOOWW! It is sort of amazing, giving access to knowledge and education for free to the masses (well, at least the masses that can get a hold of iTunes).  And what threat does it really provide to the University? People will still pay $40,000 / year to go to Stanford, because the knowledge they gain is not the primary investment. Sadly, with the way our world works, he primary reason you are willing to pay thousands of dollars is not for the lectures, but for the degree you will hang on your wall and the transcripts you will send to grad school/future employers so you can make your share of money in the future. Provide your family with food. And buy that boat you have always wanted. People will never stop paying for the name of the University and for the degree. So why not put the lecturers online? 

As using it as a substitute for going to class, walking through campus in your PJs, and interacting with others. Probably not my first choice and recommendations for others. But for us nerds out there, or for curious kids who can’t afford to college, listening to a Stanford podcast on Physics is pretty damn rad. 

Apple does some intriguing things. Check iTunes U out. Maybe listen to David Lynch talk about Consciousness, Creativity, and The Brain.  

Talk about putting some pressure on the lecturers and professors. Knowing it can be streamed on iTunes by all of the world that has access to technology.

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